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Platform Lifts

At Vertical Lift Services North West, we are dedicated to enhancing accessibility and mobility across various environments. Our range of platform lifts is designed to offer seamless movement for all, prioritising safety, reliability, and ease of use.

Inclusive Design

Our platform lifts are crafted to cater to a wide range of needs, ensuring that buildings are accessible to everyone, including those with limited mobility. Whether for commercial, residential, or public settings, our lifts provide an essential solution for overcoming barriers posed by stairs and levels.

Customisable Solutions

Recognising that each setting has unique requirements, we offer customisable platform lifts. From the size and capacity to aesthetic choices, our lifts can be tailored to blend seamlessly with your environment, whether it’s a sleek, modern office or a traditional, heritage-listed building.

Types of Platform Lifts

Our range of platform lifts is designed to cater to various needs and environments, ensuring accessibility for everyone.

  • Step Lift:

    Ideal for small height differences, these compact lifts are perfect for steps or split levels, offering an easy solution for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility.

  • Vertical Platform Lift:

    Versatile and suitable for multiple floors, these lifts are a great alternative in spaces where traditional passenger lifts can't be installed.

  • Cabin Platform Lift:

    Merging conventional lift features with platform lift accessibility, these enclosed lifts provide a private, traditional lift experience, accommodating wheelchairs and mobility aids.

  • Low Pit Lift:

    Designed for buildings with limited space for lift pits or overheads, requiring minimal structural changes, making them ideal for retrofitting.

  • Inclined Platform Lift:

    Following the course of a staircase, these lifts fit well in environments where vertical lifts are impractical, suitable for both straight and curved staircases.

Common Applications of Platform Lifts

Platform lifts play a crucial role in numerous settings, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

  • Commercial Buildings:

    In offices, shopping centres, and public buildings, they ensure that all visitors and staff can move freely, regardless of mobility limitations.

  • Educational Institutions:

    Schools and universities use platform lifts to guarantee that students and staff with disabilities have equal access to facilities.

  • Healthcare Facilities:

    Hospitals and care homes utilise platform lifts to move patients safely and comfortably, addressing various mobility needs.

  • Residential Spaces:

    In private homes, they provide an elegant and practical solution for individuals with mobility challenges, enhancing independence and quality of life.

Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Safety and compliance are paramount in our approach to providing platform lift solutions. At Vertical Lift Services North West, we ensure that each lift not only meets but exceeds the required safety standards.

Adherence to UK and EU Regulations: Our platform lifts comply with all relevant UK and EU regulations, including the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and Building Regulations Part M. This ensures that they are accessible and safe for all users.

Regular Safety Checks and Audits: We conduct thorough safety checks and audits on all our lifts. These regular inspections ensure that every aspect of the lift, from mechanical components to safety features, is in optimal condition and functioning as intended.

Training and Expertise: Our team is extensively trained in safety protocols and lift operations. Their expertise ensures that installation, maintenance, and any necessary repairs are conducted with the utmost attention to safety.

Responsive Maintenance and Support: We offer comprehensive maintenance services to keep our lifts in peak condition. Our responsive support team is ready to address any issues promptly, ensuring minimal downtime and continuous safe operation.

Installation and Maintenance Service

Efficient and Tailored Installation: Our expert team ensures a swift and tailored installation process for each platform lift, minimising disruption and adapting to your specific environment.

Comprehensive Maintenance Services: Post-installation, we offer extensive maintenance services, including regular check-ups and prompt repairs. We aim to ensure that your lift remains in peak condition, offering reliability and safety at all times.

Responsive Support: In the event of any issues, our maintenance team is on hand to provide rapid, effective solutions, ensuring minimal downtime and continued safe operation of your lift.

Other Types of Lifts We Install

Passenger Lifts

The most common type of lift, passenger lifts are used to transport people from floor to floor. Nowadays, passenger lifts are used in all sorts of buildings throughout every industry and are seen as the standard type of lift.


Dumbwaiters are small, enclosed lifts used to transport items between floors within a building. Multi-story buildings, such as restaurants, hospitals, and hotels often incorporate dumbwaiters to help employees move supplies, dishes and laundry from floor to floor.

Service Lifts

Typically used in commercial and industrial buildings, service lifts are designed to carry heavy loads that help businesses carry out everyday operations more efficiently. If it’s cargo that needs transporting from floor to floor, it’s service lifts that’ll do the job.

Glass Lifts

Glass lifts are just another form of passenger lifts. As the name suggests, glass lifts feature large panes of tempered glass that make for a nicer, more aesthetic-looking lift compared to your average steel passenger lift.

Car Lifts

Making use of any vertical space within a parking lot or garage, car lifts are designed to carry the heavy weight of a vehicle and unlike their name suggests, car lifts are built to accommodate vans and heavier vehicles as well as cars.

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