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Lift Services Manchester

Boasting over 50 years in the lift sector, Vertical Lift Services Manchester provides professional lift installation with unmatched expertise. Our engineering team offers comprehensive guidance at each phase of your project. We collaborate closely with our clients, ensuring every specific need is addressed. Our plans are custom-designed to align with your preferences before meticulous implementation.

50 Years of Leading Lift Services in Manchester

Vertical Lift Services Manchester proudly presents a diverse array of lift types, each catering to different requirements across various sectors:

Comprehensive Lift Installation and Maintenance Services

Alongside our premier lift installation services, we at Vertical Lift Services Manchester also extend various additional offerings. We place immense emphasis on every service we provide, which encompasses lift installation, maintenance, breakdown and repair, inspection, and refurbishment

  • Lift Installation:

We at Vertical Lift Services Manchester specialize in top-tier lift installation. Our adept engineers work in sync with you, ensuring your every query is answered and every detail is discussed. The installation process considers several critical aspects like location, power supply, and design. Initially, selecting an ideal site for the type of lift you need is vital. Following the assembly of the lift, we choose a suitable power supply. All these steps are meticulously taken to guarantee passenger safety.

Lift installation is a challenging task. It would be best to consider many aspects, such as the place, power supply, and design. First, you must choose a site perfect for the type of lift you want. As mentioned above, we offer a variety of lifts. Then after assembling the lift, we choose a suitable power supply. All these steps are taken with utmost care to ensure passenger safety. 

  • Lift Maintenance:

After the installation, we significantly focus on lift maintenance and strongly recommend it to our clients. Conducting annual inspections and maintenance is crucial to prevent lift breakdowns and avoid emergencies. Servicing damaged parts and lubricating lift machinery are essential practices that prolong the lift’s operational life.

The benefits of regular lift maintenance include:

Avoidance of breakdown:

Routine checks can effectively prevent lift breakdowns. As lifts are used to transport people and heavy objects across various sectors, breakdowns can occur unexpectedly. Our comprehensive maintenance services are designed to prevent such scenarios.

Save on costs:  

It’s more cost-effective to repair or replace damaged parts than to install a new lift. We offer this service to help you avoid costly breakdowns and crises.

Extended Lifespan:

Regular maintenance and inspections help detect any mechanical or power supply issues early, thereby increasing the lift’s durability. This extended lifespan allows for cost savings in the long run.

  • Lift Breakdown and Repair:

Regular use of any machinery, including lifts, can result in wear and tear. Given their constant operation, lifts are susceptible to potential damage. Hence, we advise scheduling annual maintenance appointments to address any damage or mechanical issues promptly. Unidentified issues can lead to breakdowns and disruptions.

Having an experience in this industry for the past 50 years, we offer first-class lift maintenance. If you want your lift to be inspected and accessed, you can approach us, and we will provide you with expert workers who can repair any mechanical issue and restore your lift to its original working.

  • Lift Refurbishment:

At VLS Manchester, we offer lift refurbishment services using our skilled engineers and technicians. With years of experience, our team efficiently diagnoses and resolves issues. Repairing or replacing parts is often more efficient than installing a new lift, and our team can assist you in this regard. No matter the age of your lift, our refurbishment services will revitalise it.

  • Lift inspection:

Conducting an annual inspection of your lift by our experts is mandatory. Our specialists will thoroughly evaluate your lift and provide a detailed report. They will determine if your lift requires minimal repairs or a complete refurbishment of certain parts, resulting in an upgraded lift with improved functionality and appearance.

lift services Manchester
lift services manchester
A lift shaft

Why do we need these services:

If you are looking for someone to install a lift in your building and provide annual maintenance and inspection, you are at the right place. But why do we need these services? The answer is simple to prevent malfunctions and breakdowns. Even minor impairments in the machinery can lead to severe damage. So regular inspections are necessary to stop these issues from becoming critical. There are also other reasons which are as follows:

  • Law and Regulations:

According to law, lifts are to be checked regularly for any issues. And if these regulations are not met, you will face some legal actions. That’s why the services we offer are all according to law. These are necessary for the proper working of the lift, ensuring the passengers’ safety. 

  • Passenger safety:

Lifts are meant for loading and transferring passengers from one floor to another. But it can also lead to a situation of chaos and crisis if it is showing malfunctioning. There could be many undetected mechanical issues with an inspection, so we advise regular inspection and maintenance.

Lift Repair and Replacement In Manchester

Nothing lasts forever, and lifts have a lifespan of around 20-30 years. Therefore, they require maintenance and refurbishment. We provide inspection, repair, and maintenance services, including small repairs and large-scale replacements. Our services are cost-friendly, allowing you to transform your existing lift into a brand-new one.

Instead of replacing the entire lift, it is often better to repair and replace the old parts. Our competent engineers identify any damaged components, striving to reduce costs while improving lift efficiency..

Compliance, Safety, and Efficiency: Our Service Pillars

At Vertical Lift Services Manchester, we are committed to delivering lift services that not only comply with laws and regulations but also prioritise passenger safety. Our services ensure that lifts are not only functional but also safe and reliable, making regular inspections and maintenance an integral part of our offering.

Your Go-To for Maintenance and Lift Services Manchester

Choose Vertical Lift Services North West for all your lift installation and servicing needs in Manchester. With our extensive experience and dedicated team, we guarantee excellence in every aspect of our service, from installation to ongoing maintenance and refurbishment.

What types of lifts does Vertical Lift Services Manchester offer?

VLS Manchester offers various lift types, including Passenger Lifts, Car Lifts, Disability Access Lifts, Glass Lifts, Platform Lifts, Service Lifts, and Dumbwaiters.

What services are provided by Vertical Lift Services Manchester in addition to lift installation?

Alongside lift installation, VLS Manchester provides services such as Lift maintenance, Lift breakdown and repair, Lift inspection, and Lift refurbishment.

What is the importance of lift maintenance?

Lift maintenance is crucial for preventing breakdowns, extending shelf life, and ensuring passenger safety.

Why is lift refurbishment necessary?

Lift refurbishment is essential to detect and repair issues, making existing lifts more efficient and functional.

Why do we need regular lift inspection and maintenance?

Regular lift inspection and maintenance are necessary to prevent malfunctions, ensure passenger safety, comply with regulations, and address minor impairments before they become critical.

We’re on call 24/7 to react promptly to your lift breakdowns.

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