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Lift Services Manchester

With over 50 years of experience in the lift industry, Vertical Lift Services Manchester offers you professional lift installation. Our team of engineers provides expert-level guidance on every step. We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure all the requirements are met. We tailor-make the plan all according to your wishes and then implement it.

We present a range of lift types that are used in a variety of sectors. These types are:

Lift Installation and Other Services

Along with the first-class services we offer in lift installation, we also provide other services. Every single service is given utmost importance and time. The features include: Lift installation, Lift maintenance, Lift breakdown and repair, Lift inspection, and Lift refurbishment. Details regarding our services are given below.

  • Lift Installation:

VLS Manchester offers a top-rated lift installation service. We present you with expert engineers who will synchronize with you to achieve what you want. That will answer your every query and discuss the details with you.

Lift installation is a challenging task. It would be best to consider many aspects, such as the place, power supply, and design. First, you must choose a site perfect for the type of lift you want. As mentioned above, we offer a variety of lifts. Then after assembling the lift, we choose a suitable power supply. All these steps are taken with utmost care to ensure passenger safety. 

  • Lift Maintenance:

After installing of lift, maintenance is mandatory. We at VLS Manchester put a great deal into lift maintenance and recommend it to clients. It is necessary to conduct an annual inspection and maintenance to prevent the breakdown of the lift and a panic situation. Repairing the damaged parts and facilitating the lift machinery with some Greece can extend the shelf life of the lift. 

Lift maintenance has many benefits, some of which are as follows:

Avoidance of breakdown:

Checks and balances can easily avoid lift breakdown as we know that the function of the lift is to carry people or even heavy objects within any sector. So a breakdown can quickly occur. To avoid such situations, we offer many services, including lift maintenance.

Save on costs:  

Replacing or repairing the damaged parts is recommended instead of installing a new one, as lift installation is costly. That is why we offer this service to avoid breakdowns and crises.

Increase in shelf life:

Regular maintenance and inspection will prevent lift breakdowns by detecting any mechanical change or power supply issues. This, in turn, increases the durability of the lift. The increase in the shelf life of the lift can give you room to save on some costs.

  • Lift Breakdown and Repair:

Constant use of machinery can lead to its wear and tear. The same is the case with lifts. As you already know, they are constantly in use, and the risk of damage is possible. So we advise annual appointments for lift maintenance to rule out any damage or mechanical issues. Unidentified issues in the machinery can lead to breakdown and chaos. 

Having an experience in this industry for the past 50 years, we offer first-class lift maintenance. If you want your lift to be inspected and accessed, you can approach us, and we will provide you with expert workers who can repair any mechanical issue and restore your lift to its original working.

  • Lift Refurbishment:

VLS Manchester service its clients with lift refurbishment with the help of capable engineers and workers. Having vast experience over the past years, our team works efficiently in detecting and repairing the issue. Repairing or replacing the parts is more efficient than creating a new lift installation; with which our team can help you. It doesn’t matter how old the lift is because it will become new after refurbishment.

  • Lift inspection:

The annual inspection of the lift by experts is compulsory. Our experts will thoroughly assess your lift and give you a proper report. They will ensure whether your lift needs minimal repair or complete refurbishment of some parts. You will get a new lift with an improved interior and exterior.

lift services Manchester
lift services manchester
A lift shaft

Lift Repair and Replacement In Manchester

Nothing lasts forever, and lifts have a lifespan of around 20-30 years. Therefore, they require maintenance and refurbishment. We provide inspection, repair, and maintenance services, including small repairs and large-scale replacements. Our services are cost-friendly, allowing you to transform your existing lift into a brand-new one.

Instead of replacing the entire lift, it is often better to repair and replace the old parts. Our competent engineers identify any damaged components, striving to reduce costs while improving lift efficiency..

Why do we need these services:

If you are looking for someone to install a lift in your building and provide annual maintenance and inspection, you are at the right place. But why do we need these services? The answer is simple to prevent malfunctions and breakdowns. Even minor impairments in the machinery can lead to severe damage. So regular inspections are necessary to stop these issues from becoming critical. There are also other reasons which are as follows:

  • Law and Regulations:

According to law, lifts are to be checked regularly for any issues. And if these regulations are not met, you will face some legal actions. That’s why the services we offer are all according to law. These are necessary for the proper working of the lift, ensuring the passengers’ safety. 

  • Passenger safety:

Lifts are meant for loading and transferring passengers from one floor to another. But it can also lead to a situation of chaos and crisis if it is showing malfunctioning. There could be many undetected mechanical issues with an inspection, so we advise regular inspection and maintenance.

Lift Services & Maintenance in Manchester

Vertical Lift Services Manchester provides first-class lift service all over the UK. With our vast experience and expert workers, we work efficiently and coordinately with the client to ensure all their requirements are met. Our efficient engineers work hand in hand with the client to tailor the plan according to their wishes. We offer regular services, lift inspection, maintenance, refurbishment, and lift installation to ensure passenger safety. All these services are according to the law and must be implemented. 

We offer all the services mentioned above with great importance and care to ensure the stability and durability of the lift. So if you are looking for a company for lift installation, do contact us.

What types of lifts does Vertical Lift Services Manchester offer?

VLS Manchester offers various lift types, including Passenger Lifts, Car Lifts, Disability Access Lifts, Glass Lifts, Platform Lifts, Service Lifts, and Dumbwaiters.

What services are provided by Vertical Lift Services Manchester in addition to lift installation?

Alongside lift installation, VLS Manchester provides services such as Lift maintenance, Lift breakdown and repair, Lift inspection, and Lift refurbishment.

What is the importance of lift maintenance?

Lift maintenance is crucial for preventing breakdowns, extending shelf life, and ensuring passenger safety.

Why is lift refurbishment necessary?

Lift refurbishment is essential to detect and repair issues, making existing lifts more efficient and functional.

Why do we need regular lift inspection and maintenance?

Regular lift inspection and maintenance are necessary to prevent malfunctions, ensure passenger safety, comply with regulations, and address minor impairments before they become critical.

We’re on call 24/7 to react promptly to your lift breakdowns.

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