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Lift Refurbishment

With our lift refurbishment service at Vertical Lift Services North West, our specialised team of engineers can survey the site of an existing lift and identify any areas that can be improved. Once a plan is in place, we’ll completely overhaul your lift to the highest standard possible.

Lift refurbishments are a cheaper and oftentimes more sensible option than purchasing a brand-new one. When a lift refurbishment is carried out by a team of professionals, no matter how old or run-down a lift is, it’ll be in flawless condition as it was when first installed.

Lifts typically have an expected life span of 20-30 years if properly maintained and routinely inspected. However, at some point in its cycle, a lift will need a refurbishment, whether that’s a minor one or a significant one. Lift refurbishments are a natural part of a lift’s life cycle due to the constant wear and tear that occurs over time.

With a lift refurbishment carried out by the team at Vertical Lift Services North West, costly lift breakdowns and malfunctions will be kept to an absolute minimum whilst the lift itself will have a full makeover, looking brand-new and shiny.


A lift shaft

Why is it Important to Schedule a Lift Refurbishment?

Just like any other form of transport, lifts suffer from wear and tear over time – especially if they’re in frequent use over many years (as most lifts are). Although lifts are designed and engineered to deal with a constant flow of passengers, frequent daily usage still takes a toll on the efficiency and capabilities of a lift.

As a result of this frequent usage, a lift refurbishment is a crucial operation that is essential to ensuring that your lift is performing at optimal efficiency. Not only is it the efficiency of a lift that’s at risk, but the safety of your passengers too. Lifts with questionable performance can be hiding severe malfunctions that could trigger a breakdown – presenting a serious threat to the safety of passengers.

In addition to the performance and safety aspects of a lift, lift refurbishments can help to improve the aesthetics of a lift. Whether it’s a simple paint job or a more full-on design overhaul, having a fresh, modern-looking lift creates a far more welcoming and reassuring experience for your passengers.

Our Lift Refurbishment Service

With our 50 years of experience installingrepairingmaintaining and inspecting lifts, you can be certain that you’ll receive first-class service with our team of fully-trained engineers all with NVQ, IOSH, CSCS, Asbestos and Full disclosure qualifications. Our team will assess the condition of your lift for performance, safety, reliability, noise, vibration, floor levelling and general equipment condition.

How to Tell if You're Due a Lift Refurbishment

When a lift is approaching the end of its life cycle, there are a few tell-tale signs which indicate that it might be time to get your lift refurbished (or at least serviced). These are:

Frequent Breakdowns

The odd breakdown doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to get a new lift, or a refurbishment. However, if your lift is breaking down or malfunctioning more than usual, it’s probably due for refurbishment (especially if the lift is old). If you’ve recently had your lift repaired and are experiencing breakdowns, it’s worth scheduling a servicing rather than considering a refurbishment or replacement.

When a lift breaks down, it can cause major disruptions for a building’s occupants. In addition to the inconvenience of being unable to use the lift, a breakdown can also lead to safety concerns and damage to the lift itself. As a result, it is essential to ensure that lifts are regularly serviced and refurbished. lift refurbishment can help to prevent breakdowns by identifying and addressing potential problems before they occur. In addition, lift refurbishment can also improve the overall performance of the lift, making it more reliable and efficient. As a result, lift refurbishment is an important part of maintaining a safe and functional lift system.

Strange Sounds

Lifts are designed to be smooth and quiet. Although there’s always some noise, it’s easy to tell which sounds are normal and which aren’t. 

Consistent humming sounds are a standard part of a lift’s regular function, screeches and thuds however, are not. Any noticeably violent sounds are likely an indication of damaged or malfunctioning components that should be checked immediately. Oftentimes, these strange sounds signal that it’s time for a refurbishment and/or lift repairs.

If your lift is making any of the following sounds, it’s probably time to schedule a refurbishment:


Although clanging sounds aren’t necessarily a cause for concern, they can indicate a failure in the brakes – one of the most serious malfunctions a lift can have. If clanging sounds start to happen all of a sudden, it’s almost certainly time to give us a call. 


Screeching sounds are definitely not something you should be hearing from a lift. A loud screeching or squealing sound suggests there’s some malfunction related to pulleys and wires. Another cause for concern that suggests a refurbishment is in order.


Grinding sounds often indicate that more lubrication is needed for certain components so that the lift can return to its regular, efficient functioning. Grinding sounds aren’t usually as serious as clanging or screeching sounds, but can become far more serious if left unattended.


When it comes to older lifts, there are two common problems that usually indicate the need for them to be refurbished.

First of all, with older lifts, there are usually more wear and tear issues that need to be addressed. Older lifts have had a whole life cycle of transporting people from floor to floor multiple times a day. When a lift is used to this extent, it’s quite normal for refurbishment to be in order.

The second issue is more about aesthetics. After a decade or so, a lift can really begin to show its age and when a lift is noticeably outdated, you know it’s time for a refurbishment. Not only are outdated lifts quite unpleasant to look at, but they’re not as trustworthy as new or newer-looking lifts.

Refurbished lift component
Control panel in a lift
A refurbished accessibility lift

Longer Wait Times

Lifts are meant to be quick, smooth and relatively quiet. Naturally, some lifts take longer than others but if you’ve noticed the wait times increasing for your lift, you know there’s something amiss. 

Although it isn’t typically a sign of serious malfunction, a slow lift is frustrating for your passengers and can cause bottlenecks and congestion in very busy areas like shopping centres.

If your lift is sluggish and slow, it might be time for a lift refurbishment. Our team at Vertical Lift Services North West can restore your lift’s speed back to its expected pace. 

If you notice any of the issues raised above, make sure to contact us and we’ll guide you through the process. Although you may need a refurbishment, you might just need simple repairs or maintenance – which of course, we can help you with.

Benefits of Having a Lift Refurbishment

There are many benefits of having your old lift refurbished rather than replaced. From improving your passengers’ experience and boosting your reputation to reducing costs and avoiding legal troubles, here are some of the reasons you might want to consider scheduling a lift refurbishment:

Reduced Costs

There are two scenarios where a lift refurbishment can save you money – and a great deal of money at that.

First of all, if your lift is a known nuisance and requires constant maintenance, those maintenance services aren’t free and depending on which company you use, can be incredibly expensive. Having a one-off lift refurbishment can future-proof your lift from needing constant maintenance, saving you thousands over the next few years.

The second scenario is the one that’ll save you serious money. If your lift is malfunctioning, you might jump to the conclusion that you need a new lift. However, lift installations are expensive operations that require a lot of time as well as money. Rather than jumping to this conclusion, you might be best scheduling a lift inspection to properly figure out which service you require.

A Boost to Your Reputation

Dated lifts that are in poor condition don’t set the best image for your establishment. They can ruin first impressions, deter customers from repeat visits and land you a general reputation for carelessness. A lift refurbishment is an easy way to uphold or improve your business’s reputation when it comes to impressing your passengers.


A lift refurbishment helps to keep up to date with safety regulations by ensuring that all the necessary safety features are in working order. Lifts can be dangerous if they are not properly maintained, so it is important to make sure that any necessary repairs are carried out as soon as possible. A lift refurbishment also allows you to update your lift with the latest safety features, which can help to prevent accidents from happening.

One form of regulation that is crucial to comply with is LOLER regulations. Check out our article on LOLER regulations for more information.

Another valuable benefit of getting a lift refurbishment is that it can help to make your lift more energy-efficient and reliable. During a lift refurbishment, you’ll typically have the option between replacing or upgrading the components of your lift. Lift refurbishments involve replacing the existing unusable or outdated parts with identical parts. It’s likely that with time and technology progressing, newer versions of these parts will become available to you. We endeavour to always work hand in hand with you to help you understand what is needed for the current lift. An older lift does not need to be replaced completely since doing so may cause more hassle than it’s worth. Obsolete components can be replaced by their newer parts meaning an old lift will still be usable if abiding by the regulations set.

A lift refurbishment can add new life to an older lift, or bring a lift up to code if it has fallen behind. There are many reasons to refurbish a lift, but the most important thing is to make sure that the lift is safe and reliable. A lift refurbishment will typically involve replacing old parts, repainting the lift, and adding new safety features. This can help to prevent accidents and breakdowns, and ensure that the lift meets all current safety standards. In addition, a lift refurbishment can also improve the look of the lift, making it more attractive to passengers. Whether you’re looking to improve safety or aesthetics, lift refurbishment is a great way to achieve your goals.

We’re on call 24/7 to react promptly to your lift breakdowns.

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