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Lift Maintenance

Our lift maintenance service is vital in minimising the risk of lift breakdowns and malfunctions. With thorough maintenance, we’ll make sure that your lift is functioning as it should be.

Although they can strike at any time, lift breakdowns can easily be prevented through lift inspections and proper lift maintenance. A lift breakdown can be a panic-inducing occurrence that can easily result in a serious emergency, minimising the risk of a breakdown is minimising the risk of a potential crisis.

Lift maintenance involves regular routine maintenance that would most commonly necessitate replacing worn or damaged parts and making routine adjustments to reduce risks. It’s a preventative measure that is taken to avoid more serious malfunctions that could escalate into lift breakdowns.

Equipment for lift maintenance
Control panel on a lift

Why is Lift Maintenance Important

Lift maintenance is important to keep the equipment running smoothly and efficiently. A well-maintained lift can last for many years with only routine servicing, however, a neglected lift will quickly develop problems that can be expensive to repair. Lift maintenance typically involves checking and adjusting the various parts of the lift on a regular basis. This may include inspecting the drive train, checking the brakes and electrical system, and testing the safety features. 

Additionally, lift operators should perform regular maintenance such as greasing moving parts and replacing worn gloves. By performing regular maintenance, lift operators can help to extend the life of their equipment and prevent costly repairs.

What Are The Benefits of Scheduling Lift Maintenance?

Proper lift maintenance is crucial in keeping your lift safe, trustworthy and fit for use. There are numerous benefits to scheduling lift maintenance:

Avoiding Breakdowns

Lift breakdowns are a worst-case scenario and need to be avoided at all costs. Most lifts are in a commercial setting where dozens (even hundreds) of people are using them to traverse from floor to floor. When a lift is transporting so many people, a lift breakdown can be truly dangerous – affecting your customers and your business. Even if a lift is used to transport goods, a breakdown can cause serious disruptions to your daily activities.

Save on Costs

With the high costs of lift repairs, scheduling lift maintenance and lift inspections are the most effective and affordable means of avoiding the payouts associated with lift breakdowns and malfunctions. Sometimes when a lift breakdown occurs (or another serious malfunction), the only option is to have a completely new lift installed, but compared to maintenance and repairs, a lift installation can be incredibly expensive. 

Extend Your Lift’s Life Cycle

Disregarding lift maintenance can reduce your lift’s expected life cycle substantially. With regular maintenance, your lift can exceed even its expected longevity whilst functioning seamlessly and without fault. Of course, extending your lift’s life cycle keeps you from paying out for lift installations earlier than needed and can give you extra time to prepare. 

With the high costs of lift repairs and replacements, scheduling lift servicing is the most effective and affordable means of avoiding lift breakdowns and malfunctions. Over the years, we’ve repaired countless lifts where the root cause of the problem could have easily been avoided via regular lift servicing and maintenance. With thorough lift maintenance carried out regularly, your lift will continue to run smoothly with the risk of defection or breakdown minimised. Sometimes, it’s the smaller issues that can cause more significant problems and with our lift maintenance service, we can assure you that no matter what problems are occurring with your lift, whether minor or major, we’ll identify and fix the issue.

A lift shaft

Our Lift Maintenance Service

Our experienced and qualified team of engineers are more than capable of conducting thorough maintenance procedures on any type of lift. No matter how tricky a problem is to detect, we’ll make sure to identify it and either fix it ourselves or give you professional guidance on the necessary steps. 

When carrying out a lift maintenance project, we work hand in hand with all of our clients so that you’re well aware of each and every issue that could be affecting the function of your lift. If a problem can’t be solved there and then, we’ll give you professional guidance to help you through the next steps.

All members of our team are skilled with NVQ, IOSH, CSCS, Asbestos and Full disclosure qualifications. So you can rest assured that we have you covered and let the stress of a broken lift be a distant memory, as with unreliable equipment and complaints from users. We will have your lift back working like clockwork for your needs.

You can be certain that our engineers are fully-trained professionals with over 50 years of experience in installingrepairingmaintaining and inspecting lifts, our team at Vertical Lift Services North West are more than capable of conducting first-class lift inspections to get to the root cause of any problems occurring in your lift.

Lift maintenance involves regular routine maintenance that would most commonly necessitate replacing worn or damaged parts and making routine adjustments to reduce risks. It’s a preventative measure that is taken to avoid more serious malfunctions that could escalate into lift breakdowns.

When you book a lift servicing or book for lift maintenance, some of the components that the engineers will check up on are:

  • Cables & Electrical Wiring

  • Wire Ropes

  • Hydraulics

  • Lubrication Status

  • Door Mechanism Usability

  • Assorted Electrical Devices

  • Components

  • Assorted Push Buttons & Their Usability

  • Cabin & Car Frame Integrity

  • Overload Detection Devices

  • Overspeed Governors

A lift undergoing maintenance
Component of a lift
Control panel on a lift

Although these aren’t the only parts we’ll check during lift maintenance, they’re the ones that typically need checking with priority. If anything is not working properly or is in a state of disrepair, we’ll work hand-in-hand with you and give you professional guidance on your next steps. Whatever your lift requires, whether that’s serious repairs or even replacement, we’ll help you every step of the way.

We’re on call 24/7 to react promptly to your lift breakdowns.

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