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Lift Services

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Lift Installation

At Vertical Lift Services North West, our goal is to provide clients with first-class lift installations that’ll ensure high standards of longevity, durability and most importantly, safety.

Lift Maintenance

Our lift maintenance service is vital in minimising the risk of lift breakdowns and malfunctions. With thorough maintenance, we’ll make sure that your lift is functioning as it should be.

A lift ready for maintenance
Refurbished lifts in an office

Lift Refurbishment

With our lift refurbishments at Vertical Lift Services North West, our specialised team of engineers can survey the site of an existing lift and identify any areas that can be improved. Once a plan is in place, we’ll completely overhaul your lift to the highest standard possible.

Lift Breakdowns

Whatever issue you’re having, whether it’s a breakdown or malfunction, our team of qualified engineers are more than capable of carrying out first-class lift repairs to get your lift functioning as good as new.

A vertical lift shaft
A lift shaft

Lift Inspection

Our lift inspection service is crucial in avoiding any serious lift malfunctions and breakdowns. It’s vital for any business or premises that uses a lift to schedule routine lift inspections.


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